ISOlation: Entry Two

Isolation has been much of the same really. I’ve been working on getting my shop up and live and also taken some time to look back over old photos. We have done quite a lot in the garden, planting vegetables for harvest in the coming months. I’ve also spent some time birdwatching, having set up a dedicated wildlife area a couple of years ago. We have quite a list of birds and creatures visiting as you will see in the little video from my wildlife cameras.

Photos from lockdown

I’ve taken a few more photos during this time. Mainly of wildlife and the flora in the garden. I hope you enjoy them.

Bluebell Buds
Collared Dove


These are a few more of the photos I’ve found in the folders from the past few years.

Marvel, Woodbridge


This was taken in Woodbridge in 2018. It was a really good sunrise. One that I will remember for a long time. The temperature was below freezing, and was bitterly cold. As we walked up towards the river, the mist laid across the water and the sky was lit up in pinks and purples.

Uncharted, Lower Holbrook

This shot was taken in 2017, down at Lower Holbrook. Originally I posted the portrait version of this. The trip down to Holbrook was one of my first trips to the location. The conditions weren’t great, but for around 10-15 mins the sky lit up. I grabbed the opportunity to capture my mate as we walked along the beach. 

Shoreline, Pin Mill

Taken down at Pin Mill in 2016 it was taken on a sunset trip in July. The sunset was pretty good. The sky lit up and there was a double rainbow as well. I have posted this before. I have taken a bit of time to reprocess it. I really like the boat that has been sat on the shore and weathered with time. It makes a great subject.

Tag Belle
Two belles, Aldeburgh

Aldeburgh beach on the Suffolk coast is littered with remnants of its history. Old rope pulls, fishing boats and the old look out towers. The boats have been used as subjects of many photographs and images over the years. Here’s one I’ve captured in 2018.

Wildlife Camera

These are some of the clips I’ve captured over the last week and a bit. There are loads of different wildlife in the garden.

This is a part of the series of posts, that I will complete during this period of time of lockdown. Please do have a look through what I’ve been up to.

ISOlation: Entry One

I hope you’ve enjoyed it, Let me know what you think.  Stay Safe, and stay at home!

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