Heavenly, Iken

Highlights: July 2021

July is over and as we go into August I’m at that time when I look back over the previous months work and try and pick my highlights from the shots I have taken....

Matt Finch
Carmine, Shingle Street, Suffolk

Highlights: June 2021

June was a mixture of different conditions and I’ve broken my duck of not going to the coast to photograph it for well over a month. Other than heading to the coast for my job, I hadn’t visited for photographic purposes since April. ...

Matt Finch
Susurrus - Woodland Photograph at sunrise, with hazel trees and bluebells in Suffolk

Highlights: May 2021

May saw us have more restrictions relaxed, this meant my day job got a little busier with all of our hotels reopening. ...

Matt Finch
Delta, Bawdsey, Suffolk

Highlights: April 2021

Over the last month, the rules have been relaxed so I’ve taken the chance to explore a bit more. It’s been a good month of getting out with the camera and capturing new and old places. Seeing some of these locations in different conditions and...

Matt Finch
Recherché, Holywells Park

Highlights: February 2021

I still feel its right to highlight some of the positives of my work from this past month, it’s something I haven’t done for the last few months. For various reasons I didn’t get round to it. I’m considering the way this might appear in...

Matt Finch
Project 50 - Square The end

Project 50 – The end

My project has followed from the day we went into lockdown on the 5th January. So it’s been just over 50 days from posting when the lockdown started. The news this week gives us a bit of hope for what the future holds. I have...

Matt Finch
Project 50 - Day 5

Project 50 – Day 5 – 30

I had planned to get this out a few weeks ago, truth be told I tested positive to COVID earlier in that week so I didn’t really feel I would be able to write something cohesive. Luckily my symptoms have been pretty mild, so I...

Matt Finch
Project 50 - Studies page

Project 50 – The Start

As we headed into a national lockdown, on Tuesday 5th January I thought it would be good to complete a challenge....

Matt Finch
Cloud 9, Bawdsey, Suffolk

2020 Vision

2020, the year when we were forced to stop, to stay at home and to stay safe. Where social distancing became the buzz words of the moments and lockdowns become the norm.  It been a very odd year, the chance to stop has been something I...

Matt Finch
Ancient corridor, Suffolk

Dream walking

“You can walk in a dream while you are awake: Just walk in the misty morning of a forest!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan The predictions for the weather have been been pretty interesting over the last couple of weeks. Sun, storms, mist and snow have all featured. It was...

Matt Finch