As an outdoor photographer, I’m conscious of my impact on the environment. Woodlands and forests feature heavily and are a huge source of inspiration in my work. I have certainly noticed more of an impact on the local areas over the past few years.

With the aim to restore some of the balance of my practice. I do this by offsetting the travel, processing and printing of my work against growing trees and supporting carbon emissions projects, through the environmental website Ecologi.

+ - Purchase Pledges

I’m pledging to plant trees through Ecologi for Prints, Calendars and Cards.

Ecologi’s work is to facilitate the planting of trees around the world and here in the UK. To rewild and rebuild areas by planting trees, community projects and emission schemes.

+ - Packaging

Wherever possible use materials that are environmentally friendly. With packaging, I aim to use easily and widely recycled items.

To package my prints, calendars and cards I use NATIVIA biodegradable sleeves. These are a more environmentally friendly option than their plastic counter parts and can be easily composted.

+ - Charity

I recently pledged my support for my local wildlife trust. Using the spaces and habitats they manage I felt it was right to give my support to the work they are doing.

Ensorcell, Suffolk
“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” — Greek Proverb