Highlights: April 2020

‘Highlights’ is probably not the best word to use in the current situation. But I suppose I’ve been able to use this time to good effect. We also can’t forget the positives of life sometimes. The chance to explore my photographic archive, finishing the shop on here, and thinking about where I may go when I get the opportunity after lockdown.

I’ve started a small series of posts called ISOlation, that is following the time we are to be lockdown. It has been a day to day sort of feel that includes some of the other images I have taken during this time, images I’ve found in the archive and any other news that could be of interest to everyone. Do go and check it out.

Flower Focus Stacked

Veronica Focus Stack

This is a new shot taken a few weeks ago, I have been picking up the camera on the odd occasion. This is a focus-stacked image of a Veronica flower. I have done some focus stacking before in terms of landscapes but I’ve stiIl have been picking up the camera and now just going through a few of the photos. This is a focus-stacked image of a Veronica flower. 

I have done some focus stacking before in terms of landscapes but I tried my hand at it in a macro format. I shot this using a set of macro extension tubes. Before I started landscape photography I used to take quite a few macro images and it was where I really started to understand the depth of field and focus points within the camera.

Focus stacking images in post-processing can make every object within one picture sharp across multiple focal points. Try this technique to create images that are crystal clear. 


Collared Dove 



Bluebell buds


We have a small amount of bluebells in the garden. Before they bloomed I took a photograph of the buds. This is probably not how you would normally see them. I found it interesting the shades of colour across the unopened petals.

One from the archive: Taken in April 2018

Contuse, Landguard Point

As I’ve been looking back into my archive I thought it would be good to also pick out a favourite from April 2018. This shot was taken in Felixstowe at the Old Jetty at Landguard point.

The old jetty at landguard point is a great subject to capture, I’ve been going there for quite a few years. I took similar shots last year of the waves crashing in against the side of the support beams. Looking back at the photos from this particular day in 2018, I must have had that sort of shot in mind. Slightly different angle but with the same movement in the water and prominence of the jetty. 

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I hope you’ve enjoyed it, Let me know what you think.  Stay Safe, and stay at home!

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