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Exploring the East – 2024 Calendar

Over the past year I’ve been exploring the east, from the ever changing Suffolk coast to the rivers that run through Constable country and brightness of spring woodlands in a dawn haze to the old windmills in the Norfolk broads.  

In life we are always looking for moments; memories of where we have been or of places that have touched our souls. However fleeting they might be, its key to try and capture them for our own good but also to show others the beauty that lies beyond our daily lives. Quite often we are caught up in what we need to do every day. We don’t allow ourselves to stop and stand in awe of the world around us.

From sunrise to sunset, I have been looking to capture the world as I see it. Not so different to the way you do, but I look for these moments with purpose. I can wholeheartedly say these all have their own story, with early alarms, long drives and a hint of hope with every trip, that I might capture something new. From places I have been to a hundreds times, to others that are my first visit my photography is an extension of what I enjoy to see.

Thank you for supporting that journey and I hope you enjoy these images over the next year.

Front Cover and June

In June, the Suffolk coast is awash with bright pinks, reds and whites from the flowers of Valerian. Over the past few years, I have been to a number of locations to capture them in full bloom. One that had alluded my pursuit was Aldeburgh. With old boats dotted along the beach, the juxtaposition of the natural beauty of the flowers and the old relics of the past become perfect subjects to compose together.

Elysium, Aldeburgh
Elysium, Aldeburgh

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