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Calendars are now available to Pre-order! Over the years, I have been using the calendar I’ve produced to show off some of the best images I have taken from the previous year. In terms of process, it’s great to look back and review my images. I have been producing a Suffolk calendar for the past[…]

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Last month was my birthday, I’m another year older and I would say slightly more wiser. If I look back to where I was a year ago, I have moved into such a better place personally and into a job that is so much more fulfilling.

This month I have been able to get out a bit more and capture the local coastline and a few other places. I have tried to find new places that I can capture over the next few months and years.

So another month has gone by and we are still in a very odd place in terms of the current pandemic. The restrictions have been loosened in the UK so I’ve been able to get out with the camera

As the alarm sounded I opened my eyes to the pitch black. Lol, this is As the alarm sounded I opened my eyes to the pitch black. Lol, this is not a novel. Yesterday was the first time I took a trip out to take landscape photographs since the UK lockdown. What can I say[…]

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‘Highlights’ is probably not the best word to use in the current situation. But I suppose I’ve been able to use this time to good effect. We also can’t forget the positives of life sometimes. The chance to explore my photographic archive, finishing the shop on here, and thinking about where I may go when I get the opportunity after lockdown.