Highlights: July 2020

As another month comes to an end, I’m taking the opportunity to look back at the images I’ve taken and picking out my highlights.

We are far from back to normal, but certainly we can move more freely. With the world starting to recover from what has been a very testing couple of months, there has still been one ‘constant’ for me over the past weeks and months in the form of photography.

I’ve been to some local places to capture sunrises and sunsets. I found new compositions, worked on old ones but most of all the chance to explore is something that I’m more happy to embrace again. Visits to Bawdsey, Landguard point, Waldringfield and Shotley have been fruitful and certainly given me more ideas for future trips out.

I’ve also started to put together my calendar for 2021, and it will feature one or two of the images from the past few months highlights. I will start to take orders for these in the coming weeks.

Here are the highlights from what I’ve taken

Cloud 9, Bawdsey quay

When I started to work my way up the coast, I certainly had this sort of shot in mind. I got to the boats, around an hour before sunset and half planned where I would compose the shot. I took a few shots at that point. Looking back at them they don’t add up any where as good as this image and a few others at the point in the evening. 

As I composed this shot, the clouds and the sky seemed to light up perfectly. The sun peaked between the clouds and the glow was spreading across the river.

Ramble, Landguard, Felixstowe

I went to Landguard to catch the sunrise on the beach. The tide was lower than I’ve ever seen down by the old pier. With the sun rising further over to the east. I still took a few images while on the beach and as the sun rose found the opportunity in going in land. I took the chance to explore a little, it’s a very interesting place. On one side you have Felixstowe docks and the other is the nature reserve with the fort in the middle. There is quite a juxtaposition between them all. 

As you walk around the reserve there are more access areas for people with all abilities to enjoy nature. I felt the walkway was the perfect foreground interest to go with the cranes from the docks in the background. 

Rhapsodic, Waldringfield

Waldringfield has become one of my favourite places to visit and even better its only up the road from my front door. It’s certainly been a key place over the past few years to stand and reflect while capturing images on the riverbank. It’s a perfect place to visit in the early morning, it’s so out of the way, the beach is nearly always empty and filled with loads of compositions to capture the sunrise over the water. On this occasion there was a boat in the water, not too far from the shoreline, within wading distance. I took the plunge; I’ve always got wellies for this sort of occasion and I took the opportunity to capture the boat isolated in the water as the sun started to glow on the horizon.

Glint. Shotley

Shotley is one of the places I don’t visit very often for photography. When I get the chance I seem to always get some great images looking over to Felixstowe docks. The port is certainly a prominent landmark that can be utilised within any image. As you can see in the shot, above the cranes does take a significant part of the image. The only struggle is to find a fore and midground interest but I feel I have been able to do that here.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed it, Let me know what you think.  

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