Highlights: June 2020

This month I have been able to get out a bit more and capture the local coastline and a few other places. I have tried to find new places that I can capture over the next few months and years. With a view to find new places and ones I haven’t been to for a long time.

Here a few of the highlights from this month.

Honour, Ramsholt

For this shot everything seemed to come together, the location, subject matter and the light. I caught this as the sun was setting past the church at Ramsholt. I have been to Ramsholt a number of times but never ventured up to the church from the edge of the river. I’m so glad I got up there and captured this shot.

Moment, Suffolk

I had seen this wild flower field on a trip out and went back at sunrise to try and capture it.

It was full of poppies, daisies and other wild flowers. I had looked to where the sun would be rising from a few days before and seemed to be perfect conditions to capture it.

Impression, Iken

We are very lucky in Suffolk to have so many places that are great for catching the sunrise. Yesterday I went down to Iken Cliffs. I set my alarm for 3 o’clock and travelled out there with fog all the way. I did think that it might not be great to capture the sunrise in those conditions, but when I was presented with this scene I knew it was worth the early alarm. 

Procession, Cobbold Point Felixstowe

The last time I went to Cobbold Point, was around 3 years ago. I took the opportunity to go down there on the weekend. It was good to go and capture it with what I have learnt over the past couple of years. 

Although it was totally the wrong time to capture the sunrise down there. There was a chance to shoot a long exposure. It certainly is a popular shot by a number of photographers. I guess that’s why I tried to stay away but thought it was the right time to capture it again. I took a different view of the sea defences.

One from the archive from June 2018

Abrade, Bawdsey

I remember shooting this image. It was high tide on the Suffolk coast down at Bawdsey. I had been down there for sunrise and at low tide before. With the waves rolling in I was in a position to capture something different. The sky was interesting and had a brilliant band of colour on the horizon. Its become a perfect location to explore, loads of new compositions every time I visit it.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed it, Let me know what you think.  

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