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Orford Ness

Orford Ness: Desolate, peaceful, unassuming.

Orford Ness; A desolate place, filled with remnants of its recent military past. Steeped in secrets, mystery and munitions testing. So peaceful you can hear your thoughts as the wind whistles by....

Matt Finch
Hallelujah, Blaxhall

Highlights: August 2022

Just like that, it’s September. Where does the time go?  There are a few things I would consider as highlights over August. ...

Matt Finch
Harmony, Shingle Street

Highlights: July 2022

July wasn’t filled with loads of trips out really there were some highlights, and the chances I had to get out were pretty good. ...

Matt Finch
Perquisite, Felixstowe Ferry

Highlights: June 2022

June marks the start of the summer season. To be honest the summer season has certainly been in full swing it comes to landscape photography, as the rise time becoming earlier than 4:30, it has meant some very early alarm clocks....

Matt Finch

ORIGIN: Illuminate Studio Exhibition

The time has come, I will be exhibiting my work are the Illuminate Studio at Brightwell Barns situated on the road to Waldringfield. I'm part of the Origin Exhibition alongside a number of other artists. ...

Matt Finch
Image Planning Illuminate Exhibition

ORIGIN: Preparing for the Exhibition

My work will be at Illuminate Studio for July, for their inaugural exhibition Origin. Here is my preparation for the exhibition. ...

Matt Finch
Emerging, Bawdsey

Highlights: May 2022

I have certainly been more active with my own work throughout May. I’ve put out a blog I started rewriting last year and only just finished....

Matt Finch
Solemnity - Trees in a woodland at sunrise. with light and subtle dancing light

Complexity of the Calm: Revisited

From a young age, I have been visiting local forests and woodlands. We are quite lucky here in Suffolk to have a number of different types, from ancient woodlands to commercial plantation pine forests and they offer all manner of opportunities to explore them....

Matt Finch
Windswept, Sizewell

Highlights: January – April 2022

I started this series a few years ago. The aim was to try and keep up with writing, and to partly celebrate the images I’ve taken in the previous month....

Matt Finch