The early alarm…

As the alarm sounded I opened my eyes to the pitch black. Lol, this is As the alarm sounded I opened my eyes to the pitch black. Lol, this is not a novel.

Yesterday was the first time I took a trip out to take landscape photographs since the UK lockdown. What can I say it was exhilarating to be out again capturing the world we live in. Although it was tough waking up as the sunrises are now getting earlier. That freedom to explore is something I won’t take for granted, but I’m still not going to be doing this every day. I’m very conscience of what is still happening in the word, and will only be going to local locations.

My last photography trip out was on Sunday 22nd March, that’s two months ago. It was the day before we were officially locked down. I took the chance to explore Woodbridge along the river on that occasion. I have certainly missed the opportunity to go and explore with the camera, sitting and breathing in the fresh air.

Yes I have kept my hand in with my camera work, taking photos around the garden and in the house. It’s not the same as getting to the edge of a river, in the middle of a forest or on the coast with the waves crashing in. The feeling of nature at your fingertips, is something that can’t be beaten. I was a little rusty, taking more time over photos, planning how I might take the images. I would say I’ve become more interested in the finer details of the scene as well as capturing the landscapes. 

I decided to go to Bawdsey again. It has been a place I have visited many times. This time was very different, the shingle has shifted away from the beach opening up all of the remnants of the sea defences. They have all been exposed again, bringing in more and different opportunities for photographs. Both at low and high tide.

Processing time

I used to process my images within the first few days of taking them. Lockdown has certainly given me a taste for taking more time over images. Yes I might try and process one or two images but I won’t emphasise that haste to try and edit all of my images within hours of capturing them. Like a fine wine some images get better with time, and others like a cheap bottle plonk they are worthy if nothing more than going down the drain. So I have processed a few of the images and here they are. 

It was good to get out and explore again, certainly, I will be cautious not to overdo it. I will be posting more of these on my social media channels in the coming days as I process them.

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