Highlights: September 2020

Last month was my birthday,  I’m another year older and I would say slightly more wiser. If I look back to where I was a year ago, I have moved into such a better place personally and into a job that is so much more fulfilling. Covid aside (I’m no way playing down the impact of the virus) it’s been quite the journey over the past 12 months. I’m thankful for where I have come from, I’ve certainly not figured it all out but have been able to push into everything that I’m good at. I owe a debt of gratitude to all of you who have been there on that journey, thanks to you all.

As I look back the images I have taken over the month, it has been good to revisit some locations with different conditions to what I have seen before.

The weather has certainly taken a turn towards autumn and winter, and because of that it is starting to change from those summery greens to the more earthy autumnal colours. I love the changing of the seasons, the chance to capture sunrises that aren’t so early, having more layers on warrant the need to have coffee with me when I go out early. I look forward to visit some local woodland, to capture the fungi emerging and colours changing. I’m sure this will feature in the coming months highlights.

Triplicity, Holbrook

I went to Holbrook to explore around the creek. I had been there quite a few times a couple of years ago. The conditions were not the greatest but it was good to find a few more compositions for another time. It’s a nice little place to visit and explore.

Wavering, Tunstall Forest

It was great to explore Tunstall, to capture the heather on the heathland around the forest area. The colours were great as they started to glow more and more in the sunrise. The purples, greens and yellows were great to witness.

Promised, Shingle Street

Shingle Street has become a place I visit regularly. On this occasion I opted to go toward the coast, instead of the classic shots of the cottages on the beach. The sky wasn’t the most inspiring but certainly become better after the sun had risen. I waited until the light hit the higher clouds in the sky. These great rays came from those clouds.

Ochre, Woodbridge

The sky on this occasion was pretty clear and uninspiring. I found myself looking for compositions that were not the same as I taken before. As I walked up the path away from the Tide Mill I found myself looking for subjects in the distance across the water. I made my way towards the mill where I met up with my friend, (socially distanced of course), I looked across the field full of cows that is directly in front of the mill and this become a perfect foreground interest to a shot. The sky was lit in a very different way than usual so I stopped on the path and snapped this image. I was really happy with how the elements seemed to work so well together.

Thanks for reading, if you have your favourite do let me know.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed it, Let me know what you think.  

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