Highlights: May 2020

So another month has gone by and we are still in a very odd place in terms of the current pandemic. The restrictions have been loosened in the UK so I’ve been able to get out with the camera in the field again. I speak about it in my post The Early Alarm. I’ve also carried on with some painting, and done a few other things during this period which I will talk about in another post.

The whole reason for this post is to look back and find the highlights of the last month. So here is it, my favourite images and one from my archive from May in the past couple of years. Plus a few other highlights, that have been good in this past month.


Flounce, Bawdsey

I stood on the shores of the Suffolk coast once again. My last photography outing was on the 22nd March.The sea is a place that has become a place of solace for me, hearing the waves crash in, feeling the wind across my face and feeling water run through my fingers. My muscle memory served me well, but I was still a bit rusty. I’ve certainly missed the trips out, but I’m very conscience of what is happening in the world. So I will ensure to keep them down to a minimum. I certainly did follow social distancing, as there wasn’t a sole on the beach in the morning. 

Dazzled, Shingle street

It’s been good to have that little bit more freedom to get out with the camera. I took a trip out to Shingle Street with a good mate of mine. Obviously we complied with the social distancing guidelines. We were in for quite a show, as the sun rose over Orfordness in the distance. I opted for a telephoto lens to capture the drama of the clouds over the lighthouse and the pagodas on the horizon. 

Holly Blue, Ipswich

We are very lucky to have an array of wildlife visiting our garden, and one thing I’ve wanted to get more of in the garden has been Butterflies. This is a Holly Blue, there seems to be a couple of them that have been visiting the garden. They have been quite lively, so easy to capture. This is one of the shots I’ve been able to get in the past month.

Jetty, Felixstowe Ferry

I took a trip down to the ferry, but I was not sure what I was going to shoot. In the past if I’m going to certain locations I have been able to plan ahead or I have a shot in mind then I will try and capture that with the conditions in front of me. This is certainly a place composition I would like to revisit with slightly different conditions, or perspective.

One from the Archives – Taken in May 2019 in Sudbourne, Suffolk

This as a shot, isn’t the way I have imagined getting these seasonal wonders that are bluebells. I found this location a few years ago, and set about trying to visit it every year. It holds some great personal memories. Sadly due to the pandemic and the lockdown measures I was unable to visit it this year so I thought it would be good to share this shot.


This won’t become a regular feature, but I’ve been painting on the odd occasion, and here is my favourite one from the last month. It’s something I will be doing more of, so I thought it would be good to show it off.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed it, Let me know what you think.  Stay Safe, and stay at home!

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