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For the past two years I have created a calendar of my photos. In 2017 I designed a theme for my calendar in the form of Licence to explore and I started the calendar with this piece of writing. 

“We all have the licence to explore and as a child I was encouraged to get outdoors and explore the world around me. Maybe it was down by the sea on the Suffolk Coast or and early morning walk round Rendlesham Forest to seek out the wildlife. In the busy world we live today we should seek those moments more; get outside and find those places that make the hairs on the back of our neck stand up.

More and more I find myself in old and new places exploring the outdoors; whether I’ve been there 100 times or for the first time there is always something new to experience. My challenge to you is to take one day out each month this year, get outside and explore. It could be your local park or in the countryside or near water. I’d love to hear how you get on.”

So with that I am going to rename these photoblogs “licence to explore”.  Orford is another of the places I have been to many times. As a child we visited regularly, in the summer mainly because we would stay up the road at Tangham Forest, but also because of the old Richardson’s smoke house that was in the middle of the village. Sadly they closed a few years back after the owner past away.

The quay is one of the best places to visit as it is part of the Suffolk coast where you can often capture the sunrise with the view of Orfordness and the lighthouse that is stained to the left of the ness. The history of the area can be seen right from the quay all the way into the centre of the village where the old Orford

Castle Keep from Henry II’s reign. There are wreckages lining the edge of the quay, and across the harbour standing on the island are the remnants of the Cold War.

Harbour View

The trip to Orford most recently wasn’t that great in terms of weather, the sky was pretty dull and the tide was out so the opportunities for photography quite slim. I was still able to capture some more moody shots in the ‘blue hour’, but the compositions were few and far between. Boats were the order of the day, they were the main focus for the trip as there are many in the quay and quite a few on the water. 

Here are the shots I have taken:

Blue Mooring


The visit didn’t disappoint as we had to go and sample the local food at The Pump Street Bakery in the centre of  the village. I have been a few times when we have taken the early morning trip so we know of how good it is. Without this turning into a food blog, I will stop here and leave you with the  Cinnamon Roll I had from there. 

If you would like to keep up to date with any of these trips I have been using Instagram stories to capture the process with a few posts as we explore the location. All of these photos are available as prints, if you would like to buy any then please do contact me and I can organise a printed copy of them.

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