reflect: jan 17

I would have liked to get this post up earlier. Recovering from a wonderful head cold and a bit of extra work has been my priority. As January has ended, the chance to reflect is something I would like to do more of. The last six months of 2016 were maybe too crazy, life ran at 100mph. With the hope that I can find more of a balance I thought this would be a good way of  being more thoughtful. Looking back on the month before the next starts is way of taking stock more often on what I have done and what I have produced. This is something I’m looking to do every month and try to make sure it covers a bit of everything I get up to.

This month I had a week off. This was a week of exploring and photography. I have been across the county, up early and out to see the sunrise & sunset. Here are 10 of my photos from this month, there is not really a favourite but I have been able to get a mixture of shots. 

Ethereal Radiance, Dedham

Chilled reflection, Flatford

Only Reflection, Dedham

Mute in motion, Flatford

License to explore!, Lower Holbrook

Orwell Sundown. Orwell Country Park

Break of dawn, Brightwell

Risen Glow, Walderingfield

Mr Robin, Alton Water

Shining, Alton Water

Let me know what you think about these

Which one is your favourite? 

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