Constable Country

Constable country is so called from the paintings produced by John Constable along the Suffolk and Essex border. The area around Flatford and Dedham has been a source of inspiration for many artists, photographers and creatives throughout past centuries. As a photographer its somewhere I have been before, but also wanted to go for a sunrise or really early morning just after sunrise. The chance to explore the area at this time of day was great. 

Without this becoming an art lesson, the area as I said before has been a source of inspiration. John Constable, Thomas Gainsbourgh and John Nash all found themselves entranced by the the beauty of the area. The vast open spaces, set on the banks of the river Stour and the quaint countryside cottages around Flatford Mill have also featured in their works as many of you may know.

The day had started at Toby Carvery for a full english, perfect for the cold day that proceeded. We went  and parked at Dedham and headed towards Flatford on foot. Overall, Jamie and I walked around 7 miles, from Dedham to Flatford and back again. Along the way we were greeted with the chance to take photos of the landscape, wildlife and some very interesting details of nature. A very frosty reception occurred, the sun was also shimmering off the vast open spaces and the river beside us. We took the walking route closest to the river. The photos we were able to get seem to just fit the bill for the frosty morning. 

Here are the main photos I was able to capture.  

Ethereal Radiance

Exploring Dedham and Flatford

Chilled Reflection

Early Walk

Frosted Glow


We found ourselves alongside a number of different birds and wildlife. A mixture of swans, Canadian geese and ducks to robins and wagtails. There were a few opportunities to take photographs of them as we explored and found more around the area.

Mute in motion

Canadian Goose

On the whole it was good pickings, a good opportunity to get out and explore the beautiful landscapes and world of constable country. The chance to walk around and find out more about the area was great. I will definitely go back  there to see if I can get more photos, but also just to enjoy the walk. 


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