Wow! What a year!

For the past few years I have reviewed my previous twelve months. So here’s to another quick post about what I have been up to. 

This time last year I was preparing to start my job as a Junior Graphic Designer. It’s been a year of learning and gaining loads of knowledge and experience about design and designing for printing. I have gained a lot of confidence in my work and have been able to develop my understanding of design and what I enjoy about the process. Along side that I have been doing the usual youth work and media work at my church and also started to help by preparing the graphics for the church sermon series’. Most of my spare time this summer was spent at my sister and brother in laws house. They bought a new house and as a family we all chipped in with the improvements. I say improvement, I really mean a complete refurb! To be fair the house needed it but I have been able to learn a load of new practical skills along the way. They also got married and moved in to their new home. We’ve just celebrated their first christmas with them.

I was also invited to volunteer as a cameraman at the Everlasting Light concerts at the Spa Pavillion, Felixstowe. In between all this I have been working, designing and photographing.  So anyway, enough about the year and here is a quick review of some of my creative output this year.  


As I spoke about earlier I have been designing for the church, this is my main creative output, other than at my day job. I have done around four sermon series in the past year and have been able to be quite creative in the designs that we have used.

Here are a few designs of the sermon series, 


With this design I went for a double exposure idea, I used digital painting to create an image in the head, then design the rest of the posters and elements around it. The series is about the life of Joseph and how he was an influencer in his time. 

A Well Good Christmas

I have also designed the Graphics for the christmas series. 

Digging Deeper

I was asked to design a reading/writing journal for the Young People; a booklet that allows them to journal and record their thoughts on daily bible readings. 


36 Days of Type

I took part in the 36 Days of Type, I created two sets of characters from electrical tape and from metal type. It was great to be creative everyday outside of my day job. Here are a few of them for you to see. I explain a lot more in this blog post. 



I will let the photographs do the talking. I have picked out my top three for the year, but also some of my highlights. 


Overcast Rising, Shotley

Sweeping in, Shingle Street

Absolute serenity, Little Glemham


Clouds over the mill, Walberswick

Moored – Iken, Suffolk

Never stop exploring!, Hadleigh

The Rising Moon, Nacton Shores

Reflected Sundown, Walderingfield

Alone among the wreck, Pin Mill


I have enjoyed exploring portraiture taking them in different locations with my mates who also enjoy photography. 

Mr Bird

Mr Tallguy


I acquired a Fujfilm Instax Wide camera, I started to explore the use of it within my digital photography. Here a few shots I have taken with it. 

Explore Suffolk

Felixstowe Seafront

Aged, Orford


I released a Suffolk calendar for 2017. It has 13 unique photographs from around the local area. I really enjoy seeing photos and hearing how people enjoy them too. I thought it would be a nice idea to give people the chance to experience my shots throughout the year. 

There are still more available; please contact me if you would like one.

You can find out more here.

I will be offering more opportunities for people to buy prints. once I’m geared up for this I will let you all know. 

It’s been a crazy year, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my whistle stop tour of my work this year. Thank you for your continued support, I look forward to another year of creativity. I wish you all a happy new year and heres to 2017. 

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