Missing Letters: Two

The first in the series for this blog can be found here.

I wrote a post a year or so ago all about missing letters. From that point I have carried on collecting examples of missing letters. It gives the idea of degradation, that these letters may go missing and either spell new words or even words that a baby would be proud of. I really like the idea that I don’t have to go far to find some very funny examples of them.

On the whole this is not really a specific project, its more of an observation of the world around us. Over the year I have seen many examples and this post acts as a review of those images. 

Here is missing letters two.



Dry Cleani g




We Uni, All Mo



O’ ell



Eating into time

IZZA Express


Level 2


‘Mily Amusements

If you ever see any missing letters, please do send over a picture of them; it would be interesting to have a collection of them.


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