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Lower Holbrook – Photoblog

I have been to Holbrook before, but never knew there was a little hamlet just down the road from the village. Lower Holbrook is set on the River Stour and boasts a great view of the river. The weather wasn’t the best for the trip out there.  Jamie and I were ready to ‘just go for it’; the last couple of trips out have been very similar with the outlook for the weather and the light being nothing special. There have been a few that have paid off but some where the images we have captured have looked quite bleak. Every time we go out we seem to have ‘a license to explore’, that chance to find something new in the places around local area. We can really make the most of the beauty of the county.

Lower Holbrook in Panorama

We took a walk from the car park down to the riverbank and followed along the left towards Shotley, away from the creek. We took the opportunity to capture multiple photos of the river, clouds and fallen trees. 

To start with, I didn’t think we were really going to get much out of the trip. The shots weren’t really happening. They looked pretty bog standard and uninspiring. I had resigned to the fact that it might be another set of black and white photos, which there is nothing wrong with, but when you go for a sunset shoot you except a bit more. Often the key thing I have found in any trip is to take photos and to keep on shooting, even if it’s not quite cutting the mustard.

I was in a position where I had found a shot and the light was perfect and just as I expected it when I saw it in front of me. The image I’m talking about is the one below it was one I felt just summed up a lot about how photography works. This one moment turned a very average trip to one I really enjoyed. 

License to explore!

I have also taken a number of other shots with a mixture of three lens, a Sigma 10-20mm f3.5, Canon 50mm f1.8 and a Tamron 70- 300mm Macro f5.6, they are all of the surrounding area. I was able to capture these in a number of ways, both hand held and with a Joby Gorilla Pod. I would say having a mixture of lens with me allows for different shots, as it allows for cropping and capturing shots as you go along. Naturally, it gives that variety to explore photography in a different each time. Whether or not it pays off every time, the fact I get to explore the local area and be outside is something I really love to do. 

Looking back at the shots, they were a lot better than I thought they would be. On the whole there are some photos I am looking forward to seeing printed. Anyway here we go with  the bulk of the photos. 

Woodland Realm


Gloomy Shore

Tempests Triad

Rugged Clouds

Waste a Moment



To the Stour


On the whole it went well, its definitely somewhere I would like to visit again. The view to the left would be perfect for a sunrise shoot, especially over the river. 

Key point for the trip: 

Keep shooting until the end, and even when the photos aren’t really working. 

If you would like to see more of these posts, let me know. 

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