I’m Back (hopefully!!!)

So hopefully, I’m Back,

It’s been a busy couple of months, both at work and in my everyday life. It has meant that I haven’t been posting on here, or really getting to do some of the things that refresh my soul. I thought I would just post a quick blog to just let myself in gently to maybe lead to a more acceptable posting schedule. Finding time to do anything outside of the busyness can lead to the feeling of letting people down sometimes. I know thats not the case but it can seems like it every time I say I’m not able to do it. Anyway here’s to finding more time to post on here with some of my thoughts about design, photography and my general musings about life.  

Also, I would like to shoutout my friend Andrew, he has started a new blog on History, Photography and Travelling so go and check it out here if you have a moment.

I look forward to jumping back in and writing more. But also I have some exciting news coming soon watch for a new blog post soon. 

I’ve started a new Facebook page, drop me a like when you get a moment. Matt Finch Photography

Speak soon!

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