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I’ve always been an early bird; (it sort of comes with the territory of being a Finch, haha). Waking up and getting going doesn’t really daunt me. I know it can be something people don’t look forward to but I have found its a bonus that I can happily get up early and go and capture the sunrise, in various places around Suffolk. As I spoke about in my comeback post, I have been too busy recently. But I have found solace in going around the local area; catching the beauty of the countryside, coast and nature. I find that taking photos with other people is great. It gives  me a chance to explore different places but with a common purpose to capture the world around us and these trips are no different. I have a great group of mates who seem to have the same wish in trying to take good pictures.

Recently I have been to Shotley, Orford, Felixstowe, Christchurch Park and most recently I have been to Shingle Street and it didn’t disappoint. The last couple of times when I have been to catch the sunrise, the sky and clouds and weather I have had a different idea and i have not maybe come away with what you expect with sunrise photography. 

Shingle Street

Our trip to Shingle Street seemed to be a little different. From the outset the sky looked like it was going to be one to remember. Shingle Street is situated on the Suffolk coast between Bawdsey and Orford. Historically, the shoreline is covered in rumours of enemy landings, washed up WWII German airmen and napoleonic coastal defences. The coast is littered with Martello towers from the napoleonic era, that were subsequently used in the proceeding wars and conflicts by Britain. As a locality  for sunrises this is one I would recommend for any photographer willing to get up early as they will be able to catch the sunrise over the north sea. I have been there before this point in time but never really ventured out for the sunrise. The eerie feeling of the vast shingle beach, with the small line of coastguard cottages and the feeling of inhabitants at that time of day is something I didn’t expect, but it didn’t stop the opportunity of seeing the sunrise. 


Canon 70D

Sigma 10-20mm

Tamron 70-30mm

Canon 50mm f1.8

iPhone 6


img_0967 img_1000 img_1022 img_1030   img_1061


Psalm‬ ‭19:1‬


Tropical Palette


Then bursting forth in glorious day!


Undulating swell


Natural Texture 2

  img_1133 img_1197 img_1219

I would recommend heading to Shingle Street, if you are into photography and walking there is great taking you both up and down the coast with some great views along the way. I there are any photos you would like to purchase from this blog, contact me on matttfinch@outlook.com and I can gove you detail on how you can get one.  

I have also released the opportunity for you to buy a calendar, check this link www.matttfinch.com/2016/11/photography-calendar-2017/ to find out how you can get one!

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