36 days of type – 2016

36 days of type, is a project in its third edition that aims to bring together Designers, Illustrators and Graphic Artists to create characters from the alphabet for 36 days consecutively.

The day before the project, I stumbled across the fact that it was starting up again. At that point, I did consider trying to partake in it, but didn’t have any idea of how I would do it. It wasn’t until the first day of the project that I went for it and looked at designing the something everyday for the 36 days. It didn’t take long to find a way to represent the letter consistently. So, I set about using Letterpress type and Photoshop to create all of the characters into a set.

Type from Type

I started to create them from an image I took of the letterpress type, and then took them into photoshop and made a clipping mask. It was one idea and it worked, but at that point I was happy to just go with it.


As I started to explore this I had another idea, but I felt that this would be one I can consistently create everyday for the time. As it wouldn’t take much time to go onto photoshop and create it. I used Avenir as my base typeface and then used that as the main one for the whole the alphabet. The thought of creating everyday doesn’t really scare me, I was happy to embrace it everyday in a different way to how I do in my job.


The Type Alphabet

36Days_A 36Days_M

Type from Tape

When I was in sixth form, as an art student, I was looking for a different way to create art work. I found that I could create images with electrical tape as a medium to make in to images. Below is the first image I created with Tape. The colours allowed for a pop art feel, and became very different to how I would expect any piece of work to be.


Having done it once, I had the idea after creating the letters out of tape, using different colours each day to make every letter and each number over the 36 day period. I used the tape and a scalpel to cut into the tape, sculpting the strips into the letters of the alphabet. I found myself really exploring different ways of creating both from my own imagination and pre-created typefaces.


Creating each letter was challenging, as I didn’t always have a plan for how it might look. Using typefaces such as Bodoni, Clarendon and Old English to name but a few was a helpful. It gave me understanding of typeface design and it helped me to also create my own.



The Final Tape Alphabet


The numbers36Days_D_Tape 36Days_K_Tape


The end of 36 Days

On the whole it was an interesting chance to explore being creative everyday for 36 days. It was a chance to be imaginative and explore a way to be creative outside of the work day. I found myself researching typography in a different way to how I had done before. I really enjoyed the process of both. It has made me think about how I would be able to create more with tape. To upload every so often into different places. I hope to create more with tape, if you check out my Instagram in the coming months I may have a few on there.



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