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Walberswick has a rich history. The small village on the coast of Suffolk has a population of around 380 people. The village itself is right next to the sea, but also boasts a nature reserve and marsh land that is full of wildlife and photo opportunities. I hadn’t been to Walberswick before to take photographs. Jamie and I decided to go for a trip out to explore it. One of the images we both wanted to get was of the Old Westwood Marsh Mill. Now decaying and dilapidated, the mill sits proudly above the marsh. As you will see later on I got a few images of the mill. It was built in the 18th century and remained intact until the 1940’s when it was damaged. During the war, soldiers used it for target practice.

A history of war you say? Yes, the village was a central part of the eastern coastal defences during both the First and Second World Wars. The marsh itself was flooded in the war, as a defensive mechanism to stop the enemies from going across the land into the village and beyond. As a coastal town, the defences focused in ensuring that any type of invasion along this front would have potentially been stopped as soon as any enemy was seen. With viewing points well above the sea level.

I visited the small village as well, visiting St. Andrews church. It’s been a place of worship for the local people for nearly half a millennium. The church on the site today, was built in the 1800’s around parts of the old church building that were built in the centuries preceding.


Canon 70D

Sigma 10-20mm

Tamron 70-30mm

iPhone 6


The Mill

As a focal point to any image, the Mill really does help to build an interesting area for a viewer to look at. Composing any shot with the Mill was really interesting, the way that it can be included with the marshes and the reeds allowed for multiple shots of it. I found myself taking way too many photos, but here is a few of them.

IMG_1341 IMG_1359 IMG_1365 IMG_1373 IMG_1381 Untitled_HDR2


We also climbed up to a viewing point, and on the brow of the hill was an old World War Two pillbox. It feels a little bit like stepping back in time. I took this shot with the Idea of showing the view of a solider, as they were camped in the pillbox waiting for any sort of attack.


St Andrews Church

It’s become a bit of tradition to go and visit the local churches of the places we go to visit. More and more regularly, we aim to go and see them. They can be very interesting to photograph. The architecture, the textures and the interiors help with getting new perspectives of then as focal points of photographs.

IMG_1438 IMG_1469 IMG_1463 IMG_1453 IMG_1449 IMG_1442





It was really good to go and visit Walberswick, it was a great chance to explore nature, a bit of history and also the architecture of the church in the middle of the village.

Also one of my images from this post was featured on the Create Vision blog for #Onemillionchurches


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