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Night or Low light photography, is something I’m familiar with. In 2012 when I was studying for my A levels, undertaking some low light and long exposure photography for my coursework. The image below is one I shot back then. It is of St. Mary Le Tower in the centre of Ipswich.

Ipswich by Night_01

St Mary Le-Tower, Ipswich 2012

I was asked by my friend Andrew if I could give him a few tips on how to take photograph in different situations. The best way to explain it is to actually go and do it. We decided to go for a night trip around Ipswich. I have photographed this church at night multiple times but this was more of a teaching exercise. I gave some tips on a mixture of hand held night photography and the use of a tripod or gorilla pod. There were a few things I would always recommend; always look up as people we natural look at anything on eye level and a little below. Looking up is one of the best ways to see things from a different perspective photographically, the sky, architecture and even wildlife all can be interesting subjects.

Another thing is, don’t always try and take the photograph at the same level you are standing get closer to the ground or change the angle of the camera to get the shot. This is something that was explored by Alexander Rodchenko in the image below. He challenge the conventions of photography and aimed to change the way people used it as a medium.

rodtschenko_Ipswich by Night_02

Fire Escape, from the series Building on Miasnitskaia Street, 1925

I also gave tips on long exposures and making the most of them and where the best places were to take them. Its not an easy type of exposure as it takes a lot of trial and error, but it can be very rewarding as the shot can come out completely different to how you could imagine.


Canon SX610HS

iPhone 6

Photos – Ipswich by Night

We explored a few different part of ipswich, and took images of churches,  long exposures and general images at night. Here are a few I took.

Ipswich by Night_03  Ipswich by Night_04 Ipswich by Night_05 Ipswich by Night_06 Ipswich by Night_07


Alexander Rodchenko

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