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I have a feeling this one is going to be a short one.The small village of Dunwich in Suffolk; is often known as the British atlantis. When a storm hit in the 1300’s, the main town was washed into the sea. The village only has around 120 residents; a fraction of the population when it was a town.

I had never been to Dunwich. But it just so happened I managed to recently on a weekend when the weather wasn’t the best for photography. The chance to explore a new place is always interesting, it definitely is when you get the chance to be in the countryside or by the sea. We chose to park up and go on a walk. Our walk took us to the old Greyfrairs, on the cliff edge, all the way down to the church. St James church has the Dunwich leper chapel ruins in the graveyard. For more information on the church checkout the links at the end of this post. We also went along a footpath. The path didn’t really lead to where we wanted to go so we decided to head back towards the car and then drive to Westleton Heath nature reserve. Sadly the weather got worse making photography and exploration impossible so we decide to head back to have a nice meal and a drink at the Cult Bar in Ipswich.


  • Canon 70D
  • Sigma 10-20mm
  • iPhone 6

Dunwich Photos

Dunwich_01 Dunwich_02 Dunwich_03 Dunwich_04 Dunwich_05 Dunwich_06 Dunwich_07 Dunwich_08 Dunwich_09 Dunwich_10 Dunwich_11

The trip wasn’t one that was as fruitful as ones that have proceeded; the weather wasn’t the best. The sky and the lighting wasn’t great for photography. It’s definitely  made me want to go back to Dunwich on a sunnier day. In future you may see another feature blog from there. I hope you have enjoyed this blog, If you have any questions or comments then do not hesitate to contact me.


Leper chapel

St. James Church

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