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London is one of the places I always like to visit. It’s a place full of culture and history. The streets of London hold a lot of this as you travel around. We went for a little reunion trip to just meet up and see how we are all getting on. The day included visiting Covent Garden; the Bank Area; the British Museum; Chinatown and finishing off with a trip to the theatre, to see Les Miserables at the Queens Theatre. Back to the photography! The capital has many opportunities for a photographer to capture image, with so much happening; the architecture; the people and events. On this trip the bulk collection of my images are of architecture.


Jamie, Me, Dan and Kat



Canon SX 610 HS

iPhone 6

London Architecture

The architecture in London is so diverse and the opportunity to find both traditional and contemporary styles takes just a corner turn and you can be confronted with the polar opposites. The different materials, the shapes and colours all make them stand out against each other. The area we visited is around the Banking sector and with famous  architectural structures gracing the streets we were able to revel in the beauty of some of the most wacky and modern styles of building. The main one we went to visit was the Lloyds building. A building built with all of the ducts and lifts channelled outside to make the space inside more functional. The style of architecture is known as Bowellism. Across the road are the Cheese Grater and the Gherkin and then to the side of the building there is the the Old Leadenhall Market, which dates back to the 1880’s. Old Leadenhall was originally a food and provisions market but more recently has been the set backdrop in the filming of a number of movies including Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Photoblog-London-02  Photoblog-London-04 Photoblog-London-05 Photoblog-London-06 Photoblog-London-06 Photoblog-London-07 IPhotoblog-London-08 Photoblog-London-08 Photoblog-London-09  IMG_0963 Photoblog-London-11 Photoblog-London-12 Photoblog-London-13


Photoblog-London-16 Photoblog-London-17 Photoblog-London-18


‘Looking up’ is always a motto of mine when I am out taking photographs. The opportunities that present themselves can be so much more rewarding than expected. Often I look for signage that is different and having walked around London many times it is something I have aimed to explore on the whole.

These are a few examples of typographic signs that were interesting.


Fleet Street


Fleet Street


Leadenhall Market


The corner of Kingsway



British Museum


Byron Central St. Giles container


Byron Central St. Giles Sign


The ceiling, Leadenhall Market


Leadenhall market lights


Being Chinese New Year this week the whole of China town was brightly decorated with lanterns and packed full of people ready to celebrate this occasion. This was something that we stumbled across having spare time after enjoying a meal at Byron’s and waiting to go in to see Les Mis.

Take a closer look.


Swaying Lanterns – Cinemagraph


Chinese Lanterns


Chinatown street



Slightly chilly


I recommend that if you ever visit London you should always look up and down as well as in front of you. You can travel back in time or into the future. I really hope you have enjoyed this trip around the streets of London. I certainly did!

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