Photoblog: Iken Cliffs

Over the years I have been to Iken Cliffs many times, for family days out and D of E practice walks . It’s situated around 4 miles West of Aldeburgh, Suffolk along the banks of the River Alde. There are a few areas to walk to and from Iken, with Snape Malting’s within 30 minutes walking distance. Along the river there is a church called St Botolph, Iken. A small church with a thatched roof dating back to before 1200.


Jamie getting the shot

Jamie and I decided we would go out for a photography trip as we have done before many times. Having started a new Job at the beginning  of this month one of the main things I try to make the most of on the weekends is getting outside and enjoying the Suffolk countryside. We chose Iken as Jamie had never been, and I knew it would be a great place to get lots of photographs. Iken is somewhere where I personally visited multiple times but never really photographed. Our walk took us from Iken Cliffs to the church and back again. Along  the way we also saw some coastal and wetland birds.


Here is the equipment I both used and had on me while I was on the walk.

  • Canon 70D
  • Sigma 10-20mm
  • Tamron 70-30mm
  • Joby Gorillapod SLR Zoom
  • Canon SX610HS
  • Manfrotto Compact Monopod Black
  • iPhone 6


There were three main subjects we were able to photography along the walk. With the River Alde beside us that was a big feature of the photographs, along with the reed beds and the coastal furniture. On the other side of the shoreline there was a field full of horse.  We were able to get up close and personal with them and I got some great shots of them. The church was the last of the three that we focused on.

River Alde

Walking along the river the opportunities for photographs was coming from all angles. The water was so calm, and we didn’t really notice that the tide was rising. On the way back there was some precarious moments balancing on small patches of sand and pieces of fallen concrete from the cliff above. There were a number of points of interest in the waters edge with boats, reed beds and  the church in the background, all great for taking photographs. Through the whole time I was taking many of my photographs with an exposure compensation as the sun was shining in an odd place, which led to a few photos being slightly darker in the foreground because of the shadows.


The Claw | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f11| 1/250 | ISO 100


Path through the reeds | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f11| 1/100 | ISO 100


Jutting out | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f11| 1/320 | ISO 100


Distant Pilgrim| Canon 70D | Tamron 70-300mm | f11| 1/250 | ISO 250


Coastal Route | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f16| 1/125 | ISO 100


Tidal Ripple | Canon 70D | Tamron 70-300mm | f32| 1/40 | ISO 100


Stranded | Canon 70D | Tamron 70-300mm | f5.6| 1/1000 | ISO 100


Moored | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f5.6| 1/1000 | ISO 100


Long way in | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f4 | 1/200 | ISO 100


Jump in | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f3.5| 1/200 | ISO 100


Stepping in | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f5.6| 1/250 | ISO 100


The horses were very happy to come and see us and it led to us getting a few close ups of them. I was really pleased to get these photos as its not that often that we get to see these types of animals.

Horses on the hill | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f22| 1/250 | ISO 100


Peaceful Glow | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f20 | 1/250 | ISO 100


Friendly Face | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f4| 1/2000 | ISO 100


My better side | Canon 70D | Tamron 70-300mm | f7.1| 1/80 | ISO 100

Iken Church

The church itself is situated at the edge of the river enclosed by a set of bushes and trees. The idyllic setting for the church for the pilgrims of Suffolk. The tower and the thatched roof are both highlights of the architecture.


The Bell Tower | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f20| 1/80 | ISO 100


To the heavens | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f7.1| 1/80 | ISO 100


Thatched | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f7.1 | 1/80 | ISO 100


Draw me in | Canon 70D | Sigma 10-20mm | f7.1| 1/80 | ISO 100



Isolation | Canon 70D | Tamron 70-300mm | f10| 1/80 | ISO 100


The Connection | Canon 70D | Tamron 70-300mm | f20 | 1/80 | ISO 100

The trip was great. The area is outstandingly stunning. It holds so much beauty and peacefulness and I would say it is one of my favourite places to go to. I would definitely recommend it. The vast skies and the open body of water mixed with the stillness of the countryside is truly calming and inspiring. The photographs aren’t to bad either.

I hope you have enjoyed this collection from Iken cliffs.

If you have any questions about my photographs, the way I edit or would like to buy any then do not hesitate to contact me. Or if you ever are up for a trip out to have a photo walk then just send me a message I’m always happy go out and take photographs with other people.

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