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…well of 2015. This year has been great, I started the year still at University studying for my degree in Graphic design, I completed it in June with a 2:1. I wrote a Dissertation all about the technology advertising, I took a major role in helping to raise money for our End of Year show with the Blink Online Auction and I took part in the end of year show exhibition also called Blink which ran for a week in the Waterfront Gallery in Ipswich. I also created my first portfolio website, which you are on now. Alongside this I was undertaking a internship at a local digital Marketing company, I learnt a lot about working within the industry while I was there, this also finished in June. From that point I have been undertaking some freelance projects and just generally having a rest after three tiring years at university. I graduated in October and we celebrated as a group alongside Ed Sheeran getting his honorary doctorate at UCS.


I also went back to Romania, in October half term to work with a charity. I already had been back in 2011 as an 18 year old. That trip made me the person I am today and I was really pleased I got the opportunity to go back again and experience it from a slightly different perspective. In November I wrote a Guest Blog for Create Vision about how my faith fuels my creativity and photography, it’s worth checking out here. What a year!

At around the same time last year (2014),  I reviewed my year by picking out five of my favourite photos that I had taken. I feel that this was a good way for me to see where my creativity has been and to see where I could take it in the next year. I have decided to explore this over more than just my photography, and look at the design and video as well this year. The restriction of having five was really good, but in this case I will pick out a number of different things that I really enjoyed creating.


Within photography, I will let the photographs do the talking. Only including captions and titles to give a mind set of the way I want people to see my photos. I feel that, I have been able to excel as a photographer over the past year. Having explored so many different types of photography. I don’t personally like the idea of putting myself into a box and having a single style, as I enjoy the process of photography. Here are just a few photos I have taken over the past year.


Make haste


Centre of attraction


Waiting for the landing


The road ever goes on…


The Grazing Kind


No day for rowing


No roof


The road leads us to…


Ipswich Docks

Do go and check more of my photos

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These are something I am glad to have tried in the past year. I have been meaning to experiment with it for ages. I explain a lot more about what they are in this blog post: Cinemagraphs I really love that they can surprise and make people take a second look at the pictures.

Here are two that I really enjoyed creating.


It never rains but it pours.


Just come to the fountain


Design is what I specialise in. I studied at university for the past 3 years and graduated this year with a degree in graphic design. The course itself taught me a lot about the subject, and built a real passion for the subject. I feel that the last year has given me a lot of the knowledge of design and has shown me a lot about different areas that design can be spread across. Here are a few projects I have completed in the last year.


This was my final year project, it was a 10 week project to explore an area of our choosing. I chose to explore furniture at the very beginning. I decided to look at second hand furniture and how it’s often over looked by people compared to the easy option of flat pack furniture. I decided to make a statement by creating a shop called Re-Store that would reshape and sell second hand furniture. The store would focus on changing the furniture from its donated form and Upcycle it to sell to people as a new item. For this I created the whole brand for a shop, an information booklet, and an animation along a few other items.




The whole project: Re-Store


I haven’t made many videos over the past couple of years, but surprisingly I really enjoyed making a few this year. They have been diverse, with a mixture of styles.

 Ride of the Crabs

This was a fun little video from a  trip down to old Felixstowe to go crabbing with some friends. When I took this video Jamie, Josh and myself spoke about how it would be funny to make a video about them racing. The movement and the way they crept back into to the sea reminded me of the music Ride of the Valkyries composed by Wagner. Here is the final video.

Romania — A trip to Project Ruth

I travelled to Romania in the October half term, as part of the youth group from church. We went out there to work in a school for a week. The school is run by the charity Project Ruth with a vision to help and teach some of the gypsy children within the country. This was a Vlog style video showing what we got up to.


From the point of finishing my final project at University in May I started to explore time lapse photography. This video was a collection of time lapse videos I have take all round Suffolk. Below is a link  to the blog about how I made Suffolklapse.

The Making of Blog: Suffolklapse

I hope you have enjoyed me looking over the past year of photography, design and video. I look forward to seeing where my creativity takes me in the next year.  I have some exciting news I will announce in the new year as well. 🙂 If you have been inspired in any way do let me know, leave a like or comment and connect with me below.

Happy New Year to you all and see you soon.

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