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So it’s time for me to start back. It’s definitely been a while, 145 days exactly since I last posted way back in July. I’ve been filling my time with freelance work,  job applications and some rest after three tiring years at Uni. I’ve also been able to explore creative endeavours that I found while at University and didn’t get the chance to do, along with a few that I have kept up while I was there. It has been helpful to research and explore photography, design and video. It’s reignited my creativity.

It has been great to have a break from writing. Having written an 8000 word dissertation, module books and blog posts. I feel that the break has re-focussed where I may take this blog. In the last month, I graduated and went on a mission trip to Romania to work in a school for a week with the youth group at church. A few weeks ago, I wrote a guest blog for Create Vision about photography, creativity and faith. (Part of the reason why I have started back with this blog) Please do go and check it out here and let me know what you think.

Here’s to a new start. A chance to explore the creative industry with a slightly different perspective. Also to delve into writing, design and life in a new way. See you soon. In the mean time, go and check out some of my work in the design and photography sections.

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