End of year show – You’re Invited.

It’s an exciting time for us at UCS, all of our work has been done and handed in. We are now gearing up to our end of year show. Designing invites, the brand and look of the show and re-purposing the auction website to have profiles for all of us who are exhibiting. You can check out some of the work me and my course mates have been doing over the past few years. Check out the website here: www.blinkshow.co.uk


The Invite.

The invites came on Thursday they are now going to be hitting your doormat soon.

We have all been busy working away on our portfolios and making the show a good as possible. The show will be in the Waterfront Gallery at UCS. From 5th of June, the show will be open to the public and you can come down and see the work we have done.

The dates and times are as follows. 5-14 June 10:00-18:00 (weekdays) 11:00-15:00 (weekends). The show will be invigilated by some of us on each of the days and we are happy to explain and talk about the work on show.

It would be great to see you there in the week. I will be down at the show on Wednesday 10th June and Sunday 14th June.

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Blink show 2015

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