So I have been pondering about writing this blog for a long time and using this as a way of getting my work into the public domain. I have been spurred on by another student Jakob, on the same course as me, in the year below–check out what he has written here. His writing has challenged me and I’ve generally thought this could be a great way to connect and show some of the projects I am doing, in my study.  This is not the first blog I have uploaded – here it is.

I often think while taking photographs, why do we take them and then just let them lay dormant on our ever increasing list of files, we get on our hard drives – Is this just me? Being asked the question “what have you been up to?” gets me thinking: if only I had a picture to hand of the progress for that piece of work, because explaining a concept, artwork or design, can often contradict the reality of why is has been created.

Starting this blog as I embark on my third year as a graphic design student at UCS, I aim to upload those photos which normally would lay dormant, but also write about design and projects I’m involved in.

If you want to hear from me on a more regular basis, then just follow me on twitter @mattt_finch.

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